When you arrive at your destination, you can activate your eSIM and access data. Before activating an eSIM, you should install the eSIM first. If you haven’t installed Textr eSIM, you can find the eSIM installation guide below.

After you have installed Textr eSIM and are ready to use it, you can activate the eSIM on your devices.
We’ll take iPhone and Google Pixel as examples and see how to activate the eSIM step by step.

How to Access Data on iPhone Devices

1. Open Settings, then go to Cellular

2. Under Cellular Plans, select Textr eSIM or Custom Label eSIM

3. Enable Turn on This Line, then turn ON the button of Data Roaming

4. If your primary number contains a data plan, you should go to Cellular Plans, select Primary, and make sure the Data Roaming button is OFF.

5. Back to Cellular, tap Cellular Data, then select Textr eSIM or Custom Label eSIM

6. If your primary number contains a data plan, under Cellular Data, you should turn OFF the button of Allow Cellular Data Switching.

Now, you can start using your data. When your Textr eSIM activates and connects to the local networks, your data plan will terminate either from data depletion or the duration ends.

How to Activate eSIM and Access Data on Google Pixel

1. Open Settings, then go to Network & Internet

2. Tap Mobile Network, then select Textr eSIM

3. Toggle on Use SIM

4. Turn ON for both Mobile Data and Roaming

5. If your primary number contains a data plan, please turn OFF for your Primary SIM.

Please note that Google Pixels may take up to 10 minutes to connect the local networks. After that, you can access your data.
If you have any questions, please contact us at support@textrapp.com.