Encountering the “No service” or “Slow Internet Connection” message after setting Textr eSIM as your default data line in your iPhone? You may need to manually select a network to regain cellular services.

Follow These Steps to Manually Select a Network:

  1. Open Settings: Start on your iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Select Cellular: In the settings menu, scroll and tap “Cellular.”
  3. Select Textr eSIM: In SIMs Section, scroll to locate and select Textr eSIM.
  4. Access Network Selection: It's found in Textr eSIM after you enable "Turn On This Line".

  5. Switch to Manual: It’s initially set to Automatic. Tap to change it to Manual. Textr eSIM collaborates with local carriers to offer internet services. 
  6. Choose Your Network: After a brief wait, select your carrier or a partner network for international roaming from the list that appears. Ensure you connect only to networks affiliated with Textr eSIM's partners. Selecting non-partner networks will result in the “No Service” message. To verify the carriers associated with your data plan, visit the “Coverage & Network” tab.

Switching Back to Automatic:

After you pick your network, you can easily switch back to Automatic and keep your connection. It’s best to switch back to "Automatic" when you have good Wi-Fi or a stable internet connection to make sure you stay connected.

Important Note:

  • You might have a weak connection or no service
    • In remote areas, such as mountains, forests, on the lake, etc. 
    • At peak hours of the day
    • In bad weather
    • If you bought your phone from markets other than official.
  • For any clarifications or assistance, please reach out to our customer service team.