After you check your Android is eSIM compatible and network unlocked, you can prepare to install an eSIM. For successful installation and setup of your eSIM, you should have a stable internet connection, preferably WiFi.

Installation interface may vary on different Android devices. Let’s take Google Pixel 6 as an example to see how to install an eSIM.

There are two ways you can install a Textr eSIM on Android devices. You can choose either QR code eSIM installation or Manual eSIM installation.

1. QR Code eSIM Installation

Open Settings and go to Network & Internet. Look for SIMs and tap on “+”.

Then tap Download a SIM instead. It will show you the page to download your eSIM. Tap the Next button. You will see Checking network info.

You should Scan QR code from network. The QR code can be found in your Textr eSIM account or in the order confirmation email. 

Display the QR code from another device or print it out. When you scan the code, ensure the QR-code areas are within the box to avoid partially downloading it. Once the code is scanned, your device will start checking on network info.

Tapping on Download if you confirm to install the eSIM. It may take a few minutes to download. 

When you see Download Finished, the eSIM has been successfully installed.

2. Manual eSIM Installation

On the Scan QR code from network section, tap on Need help.

When you see Help adding a network, click on Enter it Manually. At the Add Network Provider section, please enter SM-DP + Address & Activation code which can be found on your Textr eSIM account.

Tap Continue and then choose to Download. It may take a few minutes to download.

When you see Download Finished, the eSIM has been successfully installed.

Access Data in Android Devices

Go to your device’s Settings >> Network & Internet >> SIMs. On the SIMs page, select Textr eSIM.

Tap on the pencil icon, you can change SIM name & color. Label the eSIM for a custom name or leave it as Textr eSIM. Then click Save.

The labeled eSIM name won’t be displayed until you turn on Use SIM. Remember to turn on Mobile data and Roaming once you are ready to use the data plan.

Now, you’re all set! You should be able to connect to a network now and have mobile data.

Got questions? Feel free to contact our support team, we are here to help you.