Setting up your Textr SIM card on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a simple process. However, please note that experiences may vary with different devices. 

Step-by-Step Setup Instructions:

1. Insert the SIM Card:

  • Once you're at your destination, put the Textr SIM card into your phone. 

  • For those with dual-SIM models, place it in the SIM 1 slot.

2. Activate Data:

  • After inserting the SIM card, restart your phone.

  • Go to 'Settings', then select 'Connections'.

  • In 'Mobile Networks', turn on 'Data Roaming'.

  • Connecting to the local network could take up to 5 minutes. Remember, your data plan usage starts when you first use the data.

3. Setting APN (If Needed):

  • If you're connected to the network but can't access the internet, you might need to adjust your APN settings.

  • You can reset or manually input the APN in the settings. For APN details, click here.

4. Start Using Data:

  • Once connected, you're ready to use the internet.

  • Track your data consumption in the 'My Data Plans' section of your Textr account.

  • Top up your data whenever needed.

Helpful Tips

  • It's always good to have the latest software version for smooth operation.

  • If you face any issues, a quick reboot of your device can sometimes resolve connectivity problems.

Need more help? Our customer support is ready to assist. Check our Help Center for detailed guides or contact us for personal support.