Textr eSIM covers data plans in over 130 countries. There are two kinds of data plans we provide, one is Regional Plan, and another is Country Plan. The coverage of a data plan depends on the destination you’ve purchased.

For example, if you purchase a United States data plan, you can only connect to the local networks in the United States. But with a regional plan like North America, you can access data for multiple countries including the United States, Canada and Mexico.

While using Textr eSIM, you should be aware of two consumption rules for data plans.

Rule #1 The individual country plan will be consumed before the regional plan.

Let’s take an example. You purchased a United States data plan and a North America data plan from Textr eSIM. The United States data plan will be consumed first. As soon as the United States data plan depletes, it will switch to the North America data plan.

Rule #2 The earlier purchased plan will be consumed first.

Here’s a case. You purchased a 5GB United States data plan. Later on, you bought a 10GB United States data plan. In this situation, you will first consume your 5GB United States data plan.

In addition, there is no need to activate the second plan. Your eSIM will roll to the next plan automatically when the former one is used up or expired.

If you have any questions about the consumption rules of Textr eSIM, don’t hesitate and contact us at support@textrapp.com.