Managing different devices on your Textr eSIM account allows you to efficiently organize the devices associated with your eSIM account. Here's how you can do it:

  • Access the "Manage Devices" section: Go to your Textr eSIM account settings and navigate to the "Manage Devices" section.

  • Overview of Devices: In the "Manage Devices'' section, you will find two categories: "Frequently Used" and "Archived" devices. These categories provide you with an overview of the devices associated with your Textr eSIM account.

  • View eSIMs and Data Plans: Under each device name, you can see the eSIMs associated with that specific device. By clicking on an eSIM, you can view the data plans linked to it.

  • Device Management Functions: To effectively manage your devices, utilize the following functions available in the "Manage Devices" section:

    • Archive Devices: You can choose to archive devices that are no longer in use or temporarily not needed. Archiving a device removes it from the "Checkout" and "My Data Plans" sections. However, you can easily restore archived devices and move them back to the frequently used tab when necessary.

    • Rename Devices: For easier identification and management, you have the option to rename your devices according to your preferences.

These device management features empower you to maintain control over your Textr eSIM account, allowing you to

 archive, rename, and view data plans associated with each device.