Whether you need to install a new eSIM when purchasing a new data plan depends on your user status and the device you're using. Here are the scenarios you may encounter:

For New Users:

If you're new to Textr eSIM and purchasing a data plan for the first time, you'll need to download and install the eSIM on your device. This straightforward process automatically designates your device as “Device 1”.

For Returning Users:

Textr eSIM is device-based, meaning each device using a Textr eSIM data plan has its own individual eSIM. Here are the possibilities:

  • a) Same Device, Existing eSIM: 

If you already have an eSIM on your device and you're purchasing a data plan for that same device, there's usually no need to install a new eSIM. Simply top up your existing eSIM with the new data plan, and you're good to go.

  • b) Same Device, New eSIM: 

In some cases, a new data plan may require you to install a fresh eSIM on your device. This can occur if your existing eSIM is no longer functional or if the new data plan necessitates a different type of eSIM. If this applies to you, follow the provided instructions to install the new eSIM hassle-free.

Remember, it's essential to retain both the existing eSIM profile and the new one on your device to ensure a seamless experience. Most eSIM capable phones have ample storage capacity, allowing you to store multiple profiles, typically around 8-10. So, storage limitations are unlikely to be a concern.

  • c) Different Device, New eSIM: 

If you're using a different device than your primary one (Device 1) and it lacks a Textr eSIM profile, you'll need to install a new eSIM on that device. Keep in mind that eSIM profiles are device-specific and cannot be transferred between devices. When you install a new eSIM on a different device, the previous device's eSIM profile will not be transferred.

For detailed instructions on adding a new device when purchasing a data plan, please refer to the corresponding section in the article titled "How Can I Add a New Device When Purchasing a Data Plan?" This section provides comprehensive, step-by-step guidance and additional information to help you navigate the process with ease.