Both "Textr A1 / B1" and "Textr Line 1" are names assigned to the eSIM lines used by your devices. Here are the key differences:

Textr A1 / B1: This eSIM line name is assigned to new users who join Textr after the launch of the second version. When new users purchase their first eSIM, it will be labeled as Textr A1 or Textr B1.

Textr Line 1: Textr Line 1 is the default eSIM line name for users who joined Textr during the first version. Existing users who have Textr Line 1 assigned to their eSIMs will keep this name even after the introduction of the second version.

It's important to note that the name of the eSIM line does not affect the functional usage of your eSIM data plan or eSIM card. The distinction between Textr A1 / B1 and Textr Line 1 is primarily for identification and organizational purposes.

If you want to modify the eSIM line name associated with your device, you can do so in the "Manage Devices" section found in the "Settings" menu. This feature allows you to customize the name according to your preference while keeping your eSIM plan and card functioning without any changes.