Absolutely! The latest version of Textr eSIM allows you to easily manage multiple eSIMs within a single account. Textr eSIM operates on a device-based system, meaning that each device using a Textr eSIM data plan has its own dedicated eSIM. Managing multiple eSIMs refers to the ability to manage several eSIMs installed on different devices.

This scenario may arise when you acquire a new eSIM data plan:

  1. To use an eSIM in a new device other than your primary one, or

  2. On behalf of others while on a family or business trip, with the billing being managed through your account.

To add a new eSIM to your account, simply check the option of “Add A New Device” when purchasing a new eSIM data plan. Once the purchase is complete, you will be able to manage the newly added eSIM right from your account.

For detailed instructions, check out How Can I Add a New Device When Purchasing a Data Plan?